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Student Exchange Programs

We are specialized in leveraging incredible educational and cultural experiences that enable students, from all ages and all around the world, to have endless memories. BEA is the bridge to high quality education and to the cultural offerings that are available in Australia. Our programs are personalized for every client to reach their individual goals. Whether you prefer to study an English course, a diploma, MBA, a graduate or post-graduate course, BEA has the option for you. We maintain a strong network in order to support individuals during their experience.



We have partnerships with a wide range of travel consultants to ensure that our clients are having the best flying experience. BEA is able to provide the most competitive fare, letting the customer decide what suits him best. Our main goal is to bring complete satisfaction to our clients.



At Bizz Education Australia we provide our clients with every opportunity to enrich their Australian experience, and we understand that accommodation plays a fundamental part in this process.

When looking for a place to live, some factors such as budget, length of stay and whether you want to share a place with others or live alone will influence your decision. From student accommodation, to hotels or homestay residences, BEA provides assistance in choosing the best option that will meet each individuals needs.


Transfer Services

One of our goals is to connect our clients to their destinations, providing the best experience possible. Our professional team offers a service that will take you to your destination directly from the airport, combining convenience, comfort and safety.

We will track your flight and take you to your destination, whether is a student accommodation, private rental, hotel or homestay residence.


Health Insurance

As an international student living in Australian territory, you are required to have a Health Cover for the entire period of study. As a value-added service for our clients, BEA has partnered with the best companies in Australia, in order to give high-quality advice regarding different types of insurance you may find useful.


Visa & Immigration Services

BEA understands the complexities involved in applying to migrate to Australia. The laws and regulations of the country are subjects of frequent modifications, so our team is constantly monitoring changes in order to offer the best advices. Bizz Education Australia works in partnership with KC Migration, a reputable and successful company specialized in Visa and Migration Services. We assess each and every case carefully to provide the perfect strategic planning, whether is a temporary or permanent visa application.

Visa Application Support


Full Support

Each case is different. Our services are tailored because we are aware that each individual has its specific needs and will have a distinct journey, but all of them will have one thing in common: our full support. BEA provides support in every phase of the Australian experience. Our teams comprehend the cultural sensitivities from different nationalities and will ensure that you get the results you are looking for.