Live, study and work in Australia

We are specialized in leveraging incredible educational and cultural experiences that enable students, from all ages and all around the world, to have endless memories. BEA is the bridge to high quality education and to the cultural offerings that are available in Australia.

Our programs are personalized for every client to reach their individual goals. Whether you prefer to study an English course, a diploma, MBA, a graduate or post-graduate course, BEA has the option for you. We maintain a strong network in order to support individuals during their experience.


Migrate to Australia

BEA understands the complexities involved in applying to migrate to Australia. The laws and regulations of the country are subjects of frequent modifications, so our team is constantly monitoring changes in order to offer the best advices.

Bizz Education Australia works in partnership with KC Migration, a reputable and successful company specialized in Visa and Migration Services. We assess each and every case carefully to provide the perfect strategic planning, whether is a temporary or permanent visa application.

Why Australia?

Australia is one of the countries with the highest number of foreign students in all around the world. People from distinct nationalities embrace the opportunity to study in Australia – a place where fascinating landscapes mix with high-cultural lifestyles. No, not only of kangaroos and koalas this country is made of; Australia has helped science and research through incredible discoveries, excellent education programs and global collaborations. Australia is ranked as one of the best countries to live. It is a safe, modern and friendly territory. With multiculturalism in its essence, it is difficult not to love this harmonious society.

Happy Clients

  • I couldn’t choose better agency than Bizz Education Australia to study aboard. My agent, Andre Rodrigues, is fantastic. He provided me valuable advices and supported me in every step to get the student visa. He was very kind and attentive with all the process. I’m pleased with his services.
  • We would like to thank all the support from the agency and especially from the agent who accompanied our entire process, Andre, who was always very attentive and cared for every detail before and after the visa application. Due to all the professionalism our dream of staying a while in Australia has come true and we are only thanks to Bizz Education and Andre. Without you none of this would be possible. We would not hesitate to recommend to anyone!
  • I’d like to thank the Bizz Education for all attention, dedication and support provided when I was renewing my visa. In a month my visa was approved. We had a dream to build a life and improve our skills here and it is very important to have by our side an agency that is clear in all aspects. I felt confident and safe doing my process with you guys. Thank you for providing me the best help.

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